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The area was once territory of the Pequawket Abenaki Indians, whose main village was located at what is today Fryeburg. It was granted on January 23, 1764 by the Massachusetts General Court to Captain Henry Young Brown
for his services in the French and Indian Wars. Settlement began about 1765. Brown was required to settle 38
families by June 10, 1770, with a minister recruited by 3 years after that. Unfortunately, a portion of the original
grant was found to lie in New Hampshire.

Replacement land in Maine was granted to Brown on June 25, 1766. It was called Brownfield Addition, one part of
which now lies within Hiram and Denmark. The township was first organized as Brownfield Plantation, named in honor
of its principal proprietor. On February 20, 1802, it was incorporated as Brownfield. By the War of 1812, it had nearly 900 residents.

Farming was the chief occupation, with the Saco River providing water power for industry. Products of the mills
included flour, long lumber, barrel staves, rocking chairs, clothing, carriages, sleighs and harness. After the Civil War, the Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad passed through the town, following the general course of the river.

But the Great Fires of 1947 would destroy 85% of Brownfield. In an effort to replace lost commerce, a ski resort was proposed for Burnt Meadow Mountain. It opened in 1971 with a 3,400-foot (1,000 m) T-bar lift, but after being
renamed Zodiac Skiway in 1980, closed in 1982. Today, the T-bars are still hanging in place.

In 2002 Brownfield celebrated its 200th anniversary

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The Saco River and the Shepherd’s River run southeasterly through the town. There are several ponds within the
town; the two largest are Burnt Meadow and Pequawket. Brownfield was incorporated in 1802 as part of the Massachusetts Territory. In 1805 Oxford County was established and in 1820 Maine became a separate State by
a vote of Congress.

Brownfield has moved from its agricultural base of the 1800's and is currently a residential community where there
are several small businesses that include campgounds on the Saco, bed and breakfast inns, two restaurants and
various other commercial and business oriented enterprises. Brownfield is located in the western foothills of Oxford County, on the New Hampshire border. Brownfield is overlooked by Mt. Washington in the Presidential range of the White Mountains. Brownfield is also the proud home of the Stone Mountain Arts Center, the growing Brownfield Public Library and the active Brownfield Historical Society.

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